The Last Amazing

GREETINGS, true believers! Have we got an action-packed, astounding issue for you today! The best one yet- yes, even better than last time when we said the same thing! It’s the tale of a lone man from that dizzying center of the world, NEW YORK itself, who’s just arrived on the scene of a genre long thought dead! Wow! What head-spinning dark doings will guide this GRAPHIC GUIGNOL back from its gory grave?

See as his radioactive brain conjures convincingly colorful characters, each one wilder than the last! Watch as they make satirical remarks in the face of MORTAL PERIL from BEYOND THE FURTHEST STARS! MARVEL as they face unimaginable foes, each one more and more impossible! GOLLY!

But this isn’t your garden-variety, run-of-the-mill writer, my breathless audience! For there are deep secrets, nefarious goings-on! Was this character stolen? Did he really write that story? Titanic supra-galactic creation brains battle with each other for supremacy, but which one is right? Who made who? Is he a golden god, or a venal villain? Is he MAN… or MENACE???

Does the struggle hold you captivated, dear reader? We’ll say it does! For his battle is real, it is the HUMAN ADVENTURE! See as he brings unbelievable beings down from their clouds by giving them the same human foibles as YOU, yes YOU, the reader may struggle with! Feel your heart STOP as he tries, in his own colorful way, to bring voices to the voiceless! GASP as he brings the REAL WORLD to the world of fantasy in a clever disguise! Be CONSUMED with inner turmoil as you see allies turn against each other! ROAR as his creations turn every fiber of their being against the forces of BIGOTRY and HATRED! (A no prize to the mighty Marvelite who can list ‘em all!)

But through it all, he SMILES! Whatever life throws at ‘im, he’s having one heckuva time! Watch those ideas crash into old boring plotlines! Watch those stories streak out into the sky to heights you never thought possible! Who will build on his legacy? Who will follow in these ever greater footsteps? Will it be YOU? Find out in the next SENSES-SHATTERING ISSUE! DON’T MISS IT!!!!!

Stan Lee has passed at the age of 95.

‘Nuff said.